Introducing Web Augmentation

03 Mar 2014

What is Web Augmentation?

Web Augmentation, this might be the first time you see the two words Web and Augmentation goes together. What does it mean? If you have some experiences with Cloud Platforms such as Heroku or AWS, you can think it as something similar to the add-ons these platforms provide. With a PostgreSQL add-on on Heroku, you have databases. You don't need to care about when to start the database server, how to configure a replication cluster, etc. All these are catered for by the platform. Not to mention that you have never thought about writing a database all on your own. With the front-end playing a more and more important roles in an application, similar requirements come out. To collect more emails, you'll have to write the HTML, CSS and JavaScript, create a backend that stores these collected data and create a graph to show the statistics, what's even worse, you'll have to spend weeks to months to tweak this feature to make it really performant. And in most cases, you fail. For things likes this, why not hand it over to someone who specializes at it and free yourself to tackle your core business? Just like using a mobile phone – when you want a map, install one other than writing one from scratch. With Huula enabled, if you want to collect email, just install Huula's Subscription Booster. If you want to have a tour guide for your visitors, just install Huula's Site Tour. No code is needed, just several clicks on Huula will do that job, nicely!

Huula, Web Augmentation Comes True!

Add-ons provided by Huula serve as augmentation of your web site, giving your site new features, enhancing your site user experience, improving conversion, etc.... Some existing add-ons provided includes: Site Tour, Page Annotator, Email Collector, Top Bar, etc. For more details of these products, please click here.

But this is not the whole picture. Huula will finally become a platform, allowing developers and communities to develop their own add-ons which will then be distributed by Huula. Imagine, to install a Twitter or Facebook share button, you don't have to go to Twitter or Facebook's sites to search for API documents anymore, just some clicks on Huula and at most input your account info of Twitter or Facebook, then Huula handles the rest.

To achieve that, there's a long way to go, but with pure Love as the power of this great anti-entropy process (the way Xiaobo will put it), I believe you don't need to wait long to see that day coming.

For a reference, you can look at this wonderful article by Oscar Díaz