Huula Preview Release

31 Jan 2015

Huula Preview Release

After a year of exciting work on Huula we come to a point of preview release. So, what are the features Huula provides?

  1. The easiest creation of guides for any web based systems.
  2. The richest guidance content, text, video, picture, links, etc.
  3. Different themes for different web systems.
  4. Showing progress of the guides during playing.
  5. Invisible mode makes Huula work transparently on your site.
  6. Different action triggers makes you guide users perform whatever actions you want them to perform.
  7. Different starting methods enables Huula just at the moment the user needs your help.
  8. Beautiful graphical step overview.
  9. Cross page guides work out of the box.
  10. No CSS interference.
  11. No JavaScript name space pollution whatsoever.
  12. 3 seconds easy register.
  13. 24x7 support.
  14. WordPress plugin makes enabling Huula a breeze on WordPress sites.
  15. One line api for any sites.
  16. Tons of other features that's just for you!

The whole mission of preview release is collecting feedback from, YOU! Yes, so don't hesitate to try it out on your lovely site and let us know whatever thoughts you have. For any questions and assistance, please contact us

Written on Saturday, January 31, 2015 at Silicon Valley.