Why is Huula better than Intro.js, Bootstrap Tour, DailyJS and Joomla Web Tour Guide?

17 Feb 2015

Why is Huula better than Intro.js, Bootstrap Tour, DailyJS and Joomla Web Tour Guide?

You have spent days and nights, polishing every detail of your product, but people just don't get it, what a frustration! Then you think you need some kind of tour guide to help people understand how to use your product.

As a brilliant developer, naturally, you think that you need some JavaScript libraries to do that. But wait. Where would you put your tour guide code in the first place? Into your code base? Isn't it something that should be independent of your application logic? You application code is already complicate enough, you need to handle all these DOM manipulations, synchronize tens of ajax calls, and so on, and yet, you now need to put another layer of code on top of that! What's worse, this layer of code need to interact with the whole system, it should be aware of all the states the system is in, which usually results in wrangling of tour code and application logic. Any of the web tour guide libraries like Intro.js, Bootstrap Tour, DailyJS, involves writing code to create a tour guide. What a bother!

Huula on the other hand, doesn't need you to write any code at all to create a tour guide. It successfully decouples the tour guide logic from your application logic. You can configure it to work in all sorts of use cases you want it to be. And the resiliency of Huula makes it work ideally in either dynamic or static web systems. With Huula, you can make interactive multimedia tour guide for your web systems in minutes. If your tour guide involves several pages, no problem – It's very well supported; if your tour guide needs to show videos, images, rich text, not a problem – you can insert videos or images with just an URL! If you want to have a tour to trigger automatically or be opted in by your user, no problem – whatever you want!

Huula, convenient tour guide editor

Why is Huula better than Joomla Web Tour Guide then? It just does, Huula is better at both being both good looking and more functional! Check out the demo site for example.

Check it out Huula