Form is a great way to collect input (emails, orders/bookings, feedbacks, etc.) from your customer. Huula supports two types of forms.

  • Contact Form. You can use this form to collect common information like emails, feedbacks from user.
  • Form. You can use this form to take orders from your customers. Please see How to use booking form.

This guide will show you the difference of using booking form versus contact form.

Add a contact form to your site

Go to Contact section of the widget selector (See How to use widgets for more details) to add a contact form on your web page.

Configure the layout of the form

You can choose either horizontal or vertical layout.

Check the form responses from your visitor

Open the dropdown menu of your site from the dashboard, then click on Responses

You can view all the responses from your visitor

Optionally, you can also use Google Forms to collect user inputs

Google form is located at the Store section of the widget selector